After spending nearly 20 years in pulpit ministry, a sudden trip to Israel gave me a startling revelation. I realized that the Messiah that I served and preached about was not only a Jew, but that He was/is Jewish. His thoughts, culture, manner of life, and teachings were from the same perspective as the people that I met in the various places of Israel. That understanding conflicted with the American version of Him that I was preaching.

The only thing for me to do was to study His Word from the perspective that it was written in, and preach Him with authenticity, which led to conflict with my church congregation. I left the church system for good in August, 2002, and started a Hebraic congregation called House of David. I teach and declare the Torah of Yahshuah as given to Moshe in the wilderness. My wife, our children and their families, along with our congregants seek to simply read the whole book and do it.

This blog is written to encourage you to make similar choices and begin or continue your journey to know Him as He really is.

5 comments on “About

  1. Alicia Tiller says:

    We’ve been enjoying the journey for about 1 year now. Look forward to reading your posts when I get the chance!

  2. cl says:

    aren’t you a musician as well??

    • 61ephramite says:

      Yeah, I’ve played guitar for years, it just didn’t come up in this particular writing. Thanks for taking time to read my blog.

      • CL says:

        Do you play the opening music to Reconnect? I enjoy that program as well. Thank you for your testimony. I too am new to this and have so much to learn, but I don’t fault the Church as I’ve heard it done; it was there that I was saved, learned His Word, learned to serve and grew.

  3. 61ephramite says:

    That music is from a song I wrote called, “Na’aseh V’Nishmah”. I’m playing acoustic on that track, but the awesome lead work you’re hearing was done by Sam Motley. He’s a good friend, part of House of David, and one incredible musician.

    Thanks for listening to Reconnect and you’re correct about the common tendency to church bash. I totally reject the professional system that churchianity has become, but like you, I was redeemed there and He spoke to me there. But when He led me out, I followed.

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