Spiritual Dehydration

Summers here in Virginia can be quite hot and humid, especially along the coastline where I live. I have been “blessed” to have some side work that’s very physically demanding and done outside, in the sun, where it’s hot, and you sweat; a lot. Last week the forecast was for an overcast, cloudy day, but the weather guy missed it badly. The sun was full strength and the temperature was 90 degrees plus. Though I had consumed a good bit of water during the day, I found myself getting weak and exhausted, struggling to get my job done. My mouth tasted like cotton and I was drenched in sweat. I felt completely wiped out and a bit concerned about myself.

I weakly climbed a hill to my vehicle and grabbed my remaining water bottles to rehydrate my body. After about 20 minutes I was able to drive home, but it took the rest of the afternoon and evening to get back to feeling normal again. That feeling of being desperate for water, of total exhaustion, and of struggling to focus reminded me of Shemot [Exodus] 6:9 which says, “And Moshe spoke to the children of Yisrael, but they did not listen to Moshe, because of shortness of spirit, and from hard slavery.” The word used here for “shortness” is m’kotzerfound only here in Scripture, and means “impatience or anguish”. The slavery situation had worn these people out to where their spirits were depleted and exhausted in impatience for deliverance. But when their Deliverer actually showed up, they had lost their ability to listen to him.

The word translated as “spirit” is ruach, wind or breath, and is symbolized at times as water. The prophet Yo’el [Joel] speaks of the former and latter rains falling and then references the outpouring of the Ruach. Yeshayahu [Isaiah] said, For I pour water on the thirsty and floods on the dry ground. I pour My Spirit on your seed, and My blessing on your offspring.”  And of course Y’shuah spoke of giving us “Living water” in Yochanan [John] 4:10,14 and in 7:38-39, He spoke of waters of the Ruach springing up like a well from within us. As the Ruach then can be seen as water, is it not possible for us to become dehydrated of the Ruach, being spiritually depleted and worn out?

My being aches and grieves for those who are sitting by a barren river bed, where they desperately need to drink of the Spirit, but are just thirsty. You can listen to sermons about the Spirit and about outpourings and revivals, but if you are thirsty and dehydrated of Him, you have to move to a real source of water; or you will die. Remember that Yisrael cried out for help and deliverance, but when Moshe showed up, they couldn’t hear him. Their spirits were too weakened to receive the answer to their own prayers. You need the authentic Messiah to give you His Living Water and transform you into a well of waters, springing up from within you. A religious icon of a failed system, full of compromised doctrines and which rejects His commands cannot offer you deliverance or one drink of life giving water. NOW, right now, is the time to move! Cry out to Him for Water and He will give you His own Ruach in abundance.

We are not supposed to be dying of spiritual dehydration. There is no need to become depleted in spirit. The waters of the Ruach are available without measure to those who are thirsty. Again, from Yochanan 7:38-39, “…out of his innermost shall flow RIVERS of living water. And this He said concerning the Spirit/Ruach, which those believing in Him were about to receive.” We are given rivers, not streams, creeks, or trickles. We are supposed to be a source of His Ruach, flowing in Him and getting our surroundings wet! OK, so the real question is, “How?” “How do I stay in the Spirit/Ruach?

We start by finding the real Y’shuah, the One Who says, “…let all who are thirsty come to Me…” This is the same One Who also said, “If you ask whatever in My Name, I shall do it. If you love Me, you shall guard My commands. And I shall ask the Father, and He shall give you another Helper, to stay with you forever, the Spirit/Ruach of Truth…” [Yochanan 14:14-17]. Did you notice that in the middle of His offering us His Spirit is the injunction for us to walk in obedience to His commands? The religious system of churchianity only requires our adherence to its doctrines and structures, giving our time and money to support it. We have been taught that we are to obey the “Law of Love”, trust in the icon, and receive the abundance of grace to cover our dark deeds. It’s going to be alright in the end, so don’t worry about it. And so we drink the dust that the serpent spits out of its mouth [B’reshith/Genesis 3:14] and choke on it.

Life giving water flowing from the Throne of YHWH, given in abundance through Y’shuah, is available to all who ask, who are truly thirsty, and who are willing to show their love for Messiah by choosing to walk in obedience to His real Word. This isn’t mere rule keeping, but learning to live the life of Messiah, letting Him demonstrate His obedience to the Father through us. Yearn for Him. Thirst for Him. Wash your dirty vessel and let Him fill it until you overflow. It can indeed happen. We’ll take this a little further next time. Now, go get a glass of water.

2 comments on “Spiritual Dehydration

  1. Robbie Brunjes says:

    Great message Barry. With out the finished work of the Messiah we’d all be doomed. We all whither and die without the “Water of the Word”.

  2. salty rocky says:

    Oh my, did I need to hear that! Keep the water coming!

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