Fruitless Frustrations

My mom gave me some tomato plants some weeks ago, which I have planted, watered, and waited on. I’m still waiting at the moment, seeing growth and blooms but no tomatoes. We’ll continue to wait and see how this gardening project turns out.

This led me to a prayer project a couple of days ago. Not knowing what to pray but just knowing that I needed to pray about something was all I had to get started. So I prayed for Israel, the IDF, the Gaza Invasion, Shalom for Jerusalem and anything obvious. This effort stirred up my spirit to sense my personal need.

While praying I was reminded of Luke 13 and the parable of a landowner who had a fruitless fig tree. Yahshua said that he had looked for fruit for 3 years and had found nothing. His response was, “Cut it down, why does it even make the ground useless?” The caretaker offered to clear out around the roots and dung it to urge fruit bearing before the drastic step of cutting it down. Now, in Yahshua’s case, the Fig Tree is the Sanhedrin Court [not Yisrael which is the OLIVE Tree] and which was indeed fruitless. For myself, I started looking at areas that were consuming my time and efforts but were not bearing any fruit.

Consider Eliyahu the Prophet standing on the ledge of a cave and hearing YHWH say, “What are you doing here?” Consider Yahshua not being able to do many miracles in His own hometown. Think of Rav Shaul trying to convince the Jewish leadership of his day about the Messiahship of Yahshua. He left them in frustration and went to the goyim/gentiles. Running into brick walls or spinning your wheels and getting nowhere will wear you out. Remember the parable of the Sower and the Seed. Only one piece of ground out of four actually produced any lasting fruit.

If you’re experiencing the same frustration and empty fruit baskets, take courage and be reminded that one will plant, another water, and yet another reap the increase. Some of the seeds that we have planted are stubborn and will only produce after seasons of time. But we can’t sit and wait on that harvest. With what little time we have left, sow seed in better ground. We have got to find what works and what can be done now. It may be a project left on the shelf long ago, or something neglected or even dreaded in getting started. Ask for help from those who know more than you do about the field you are being shown. And PRAY. Ask the Master of the Harvest for His vision, instructions, wisdom, and favor. He desires you to be fruitful and will prune and purge you to get you to fruit bearing status. See Yochanan [John] 15.

Finally, frustration itself is fruitlessness unless you use it to act in a positive direction. Gritting your teeth and wringing your hands are not preparations for sowing seed. Use the energy of being frustrated and even angry to pray and cry out to YHWH. It’s alright to yell your prayers and become desperate for His intervention. Plead your case and intercede for your cause. Cut down the fruitless tree and plant something else or you will lose the value of the ground you’ve been entrusted with. Our Yah wants us to be fruitful and bring honor to Him, increasing the value and volume of His Kingdom. Be bold and take the necessary steps to make something happen that your fruitless trees have prevented until now. Now, excuse me while I go check on my tomatoes.

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