Defeating the Last Day’s Depression Syndrome

It doesn’t take but a few minutes of browsing through the news on T.V. or on the net to become deflated and depressed. Recent events like abductions, scandals, government spying, and Israel being coerced to the “Peace” Tables are enough to solicit loud sighs and groans from most of us. I know of some that have determined to not watch the news at all and simply tune out. Maybe ignorance of events is bliss but it doesn’t stop anything from happening and leaves us detached to that which is around us. So what are we to do and can we make any difference?

In B’reshith [Genesis] 45:25-28 we read of the sons of Ya’acov [Jacob] returning from being reunited with their long lost brother Yoseph. The text states that when they told Ya’acov that Yoseph was alive, “…Ya’acov’s heart ceased, for he did not believe them.” Later, in v.27, the text says, “…the spirit of Ya’acov their father revived.” The Rabbinical thought often expressed about this is that while Yoseph was thought to be dead, the gift of prophecy ceased to operate in Ya’acov, due to his state of depression. When he heard that Yoseph was still alive, that gifting began to operate again and his spirit was revived. This is evidenced in 46:2-4 where he again hears the Voice of YHWH speaking to him. The obvious question is, “Why didn’t YHWH simply speak to Ya’acov earlier and let him know that Yoseph was alive?” The answer may be that Ya’acov was in a state of depression that was so dark as to deafen his spiritual ears and prevent him from hearing what the Ruach HaKodesh [Holy Spirit] was saying.

In another incidence, Eliyahu HaNavi [Elijah the prophet] received word from Queen Izebel [Jezebel] that he was as good as dead. After a great revival breaking out on Mt. Carmel, the prophet is under a tree asking to die. He gets enough strength from messenger’s meals to go to Horeb, a forty day journey only to hear that he’s in the wrong place and has the wrong perspective. Depression can not only deafen your ears but disorient your spiritual direction, leaving you out of place and out of season.

1 Shemu’el [Samuel] 30 tells the story of David’s men becoming so depressed over the loss of their families to the Amaleqites that they spoke of stoning David. His response was not to join in their depression but [v.6] “…David strengthened himself in YHWH his Elohim”. The word here for strengthened is “chazaq”, to be strong, be resolute or to become courageous. David prevented himself from a stoning and from deafening his hearing. He rather called for the Ephod and gained YHWH’s instructions to regain what had been lost to them.

When Elisha HaNavi was asked to give guidance to King Yehoshaphat in 2 Melechim [Kings] 3, he called for a harpist to come and play for him. The music set the tone of the Ruach and the Word of Yah came to the prophet. Yahshuah said in Luke 21:28, “And when these matters being to take place, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.”

I know events are depressing and frustrating to us. It feels that we are so far behind at the end of the game that it is useless to try to continue the game, but the game is not over, yet. Tehillim [Psalms] 2 says that the kings of the earth plot against He Who is on the Throne, IN VAIN and that Yah laughs at them. At the end of the matter, the Son is on the Throne as Sovereign of the Earth and the kings are broken into pieces like a clay pot.

What do we do? We gather up our spirit, as Kefa [Peter] said, girding up the loins of our mind, being prepared for action. We strengthen ourselves with a renewed mind, focused on the Scriptural end result of things, and prepare ourselves with all reasonable preparation. We used the prayer garment and the sounds of worship to draw ourselves into His prophetic realm and listen for instructions. We keep our head up and our focus less on the drain of what’s going on around us and more on what the news desk of His Throne is reporting. We WILL get through these days ahead and we WILL learn to hear His Voice. We WILL overcome, endure, persevere, and see the sky reveal our Moshiach [Messiah]. Someone has to be those people who see His return and go through the tribulation of the footsteps of Moshiach. So it falls to us. Congratulations! Yahshuah is saying “Yes, I am coming speedily.” We say, “Yes, come, Master Yahshuah!”

Coming Out All the Way

I have a tree in the back yard where I can take a camp chair and sit in the shade, facing east. I’m reminded of how YHWH told King Shelomoh [Soloman] that if His people would humbly pray and seek His Face, turning from their wicked ways [actions that are contrary to the Torah], that He would hear them, forgive them and heal them.

We have often heard that verse used in prayer meetings and revival campaigns, but rarely do we read the next verse. 2 Chronicles 7:15 “Now, My eyes are open and My ears attentive to the prayer of this place.” What place? The Temple Mount in Jerusalem. In His estimation, that piece of ground is more set apart and worthy of His attention than any other place on earth. So, when I need a real answer, I go to my place in the backyard, and look toward that place and seek His Face.

In a time of frustration at not being able to lead my church congregation to the same place that YHWH was taking me, I cried out to Him from my backyard chair. I heard that unmistakable voice say to me, “When you come out, do not recreate what you come out of.” I was shocked and released at the same time. I didn’t know that He was leading me out of the church system, but I was inwardly relieved that He was. That command from Him has led me now for over 11 years. I did indeed leave the system and I have continually strove not to recreate that system for myself or for those that I lead.

The temptation was to go to the end of the church parking lot and set up a tent and start over. Basically, it would have been a smoother and a more acceptable move for me to simply add Jewish items to the pulpit way of doing things, such as men having tallits, wearing kippahs, adding a Friday night Shabbat service, and using Jewish style music, while keeping the traditions, organizational forms, and staying in the denomination. A lot of people would have been challenged but would end up okay with the change. But the command was to come out, like Avraham heard and like Moshe was told to help Yisrael do.

The Father’s goal is for us to return to the place where His Name is inscribed and where He has placed His Presence. We are to hear the words of Yahshuah, “Repent, make teshuvah, and return to what you have lost.” For the original hearers of those words, that meant to repent of their turning away from the teachings of Moshe in order to embrace the religious system that had taken over the Temple Service. Those words still ring true for us. We are to turn from religious men and their machinations of compulsive service to their doctrines and self serving traditions.

If you’re tired of being persuaded to swallow things that just don’t add up with the Scriptures in order to stay apart of the group. If you have asked yourself, “Is this all there is?”. If your spirit is agitated and unsettled after the worship service. If you are left dry and empty after being rocked hard by worship and given “Gospel Light” for spiritual food, then turn your face toward Jerusalem and listen for the same voice I heard in my place of prayer. It’s the same voice who said, “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.” [Revelation 18:4] It’s the same voice in Zekaryah [Zechariah] 10:6-10, where He said, “I will whistle for them and gather them…though I sow them among peoples, they shall remember Me in places far away…And I shall gather them back…”

It’s time to come out and not recreate what we have come out of. It’s time to make a clear departure and return to what our Messiah was really calling us to. I challenge you to find a quiet place, turn your face toward His Presence, and listen for that voice. Be bold enough to do what He asks. Your journey is about to begin.