Fox Holes and Bird Nests

I became captivated by a familiar text yesterday, found in Luke 9, where Yahshuah said, “Foxes have holes and a bird of heaven a nest, but the Son of Adam has no place to lay His head.” A fox will burrow about anywhere and find shelter. Everyone knows a bird will build a nest in the most inconvenient place for you. While the created find a place to be, the
Creator has no place set aside for Himself among His creation.

In the context of the chapter, Yahshuah sends messengers ahead to a Samaritan village to prepare a place for Him, but because His mind and focus was on Jerusalem, they refused to receive Him. The ancient argument found in Yochanan [John] 4 about where one should worship seems to have raised its head again. This may well be a type of Ephraim’s church system reluctance to acknowledge Jerusalem and its Temple as the proper center of YHWH’s worship. The Ten Lost Tribes of the House of Yisrael have been scattered around the world, lost to their own identities and worshiping according to the doctrines of the Roman system for centuries. Their diluted versions of the Papacy found in Protestant theology demands that Messiah acknowledge them wherever they are, granting His favor and presence at their gatherings. Jerusalem, its altar and focus on the Torah must be replaced with a more spiritual experience, but Yahshuah will not rest among them.

Later in the chapter, when one desires to accompany Yahshuah, perhaps with an overdose of idealism about being on the miracle team, Yahshuah warns that He has not found acceptance nor a place to Shabbat; to have rest. On the Seventh Day, the Creator rested, His work being finished and complete. He has established that same day for you and I to rest with Him, seeing all our work as being completed. Yahshuah said that He had found no such place among His people.

Yeshayahu [Isaiah] 66 poetically says, “Heaven is My throne and earth is My footstool; where is the house that you may build for Me? And where is the place that may be My resting place?” By comparison, Luke 13:34-35 records Yahshuah’s lament over Jerusalem as being the place that stones and kills the prophets. He had desired to gather its people and comfort them, but they were not willing. He then says, “Your house is forsaken to you desolate.” Was the house in question that of the Temple; the House of YHWH? If so, they had taken possession of the Father’s own house and determined that it actually belonged to themselves. Yahshuah then was evicted out of His own home and found no rest among their attempts to worship Him.

Our response must be that we provide a place for Yahshuah, that He find rest and Shabbat with us. Yet we are not permitted to free lance our worship style and substitute our doctrinal preferences. He will not abide with that which is common, but rather He requires that which is set apart. If He came to your home, you would offer your own bed for His rest, but He desires His own place, where you do not have claim. Where is the place you establish just for Him, not be shared by any other?

Yochanan [John] 14 says that Yahshuah is preparing a place for US, that we may be with Him where He is. The prophets all agree that YHWH Tzidkenu, Yah our Righteousness will sit on the throne during the Kingdom. That is the place Yahshuah prepares. That is the place He desires among us, where He rules over us with His righteousness, not in our own preferred schemes, doctrines, or practices. Come reign Master Yahshuah, in Your place. Take us to Your place to find rest with You in Your Resting Place.