The Power of the Sigh

In the writing of Yehezqel HaNavi [the prophet Ezekiel], chapter 9, the sinful ways of Jerusalem had come to a climatic peak. YHWH [Yahweh] gave the prophet a vision of a scribe going into the city with an inkhorn to put a mark on the forehead of those who sighed and cried over those sins. Following after the scribe were messengers with swords whose orders were to slay anyone without the mark and to begin at the House of Elohim.

We’ve all heard of the “mark of the beast”, but here we understand that the Father has His mark as well. What’s interesting here is that both of these marks are given by indication of one’s heart. To those who accept the beneficial offers of prosperity, religious harmony, and world peace as presented by the system of the pseudo-messiah, a mark that ultimately condemns is given. Those who are broken, weeping, and sighing with groans, Yah gives His mark indicating that we share His perspective on the crumbling world around us.

Yesterday, our highest court gave support and acceptance to including homosexual couples into the boundaries of marriage. While the decision is supposed to enable legal benefits to the couples, the underlying message is that our values of sanctity, the idea that our Creator affirms our being joined together according to His design, no longer prevails. The precedent has been established that any conceivable grouping of couples must be accepted. We have opened a Pandora’s Box of options for approved lifestyles, basically arriving to the place where “anything goes”. This is not YHWH’s design nor His desire according to what Scripture advocates and instructs. So we have to discern whether the ancient texts are now foundational to truth or revealed to be overly restrictive and irrelevant to us.

Fearing that our nation has finally taken a step too far beyond tolerance from Yah’s Throne, I believe our only recourse may be brokenness, sighing aloud, and crying out for mercy and help. Arguing and debate will afford us little change. Holding up a sign and participating in a march will barely put a ripple on the pond. The power of hope and deliverance lies in the audible sigh. This demonstration of a broken heart gains the mark of Elohim and saves us from the response of the heavens on our nation’s decree. Our motive must not become attached to equal rights or infringement of rights, about doctrines or denominational stances, or even about tolerance or acceptance based on “love”. We must choose to be broken and sigh because it is the response of YHWH’s heart. We become connected to Him and receive His guard and mark.

May YHWH have mercy and forgive us. May we be found with the mark of Yah.

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